The time to buy a home in Austin is now. Real estate is pricey, but it is only getting pricier so the time to fulfill your real estate needs is now.

Waiting long will only hurt in the long run. While it is an exciting time for Austin with more developments going up downtown and other area, it is also the best time to make your down payments. In a recent study, Austin was ranked the healthiest real estate market, ranking on in the country. Among the metro, Austin ranks as number two for lowest down payment.

When looking for the best pricing and information to have an all around positive buying experience, you need one of Austin’s trusting real estate agents

Help to find the best type of home for you.

There is really no better way to find a home in the Austin market than hiring a real estate agent. Now that the market is picking back up post market crash, the things you need to consider when finding the perfect home in Austin is even trickier than before. Your agent can help you with the influx of foreclosures left behind from the crisis.

An agent can help you find the best foreclosures and let you know which may not be the best. There are diamonds in the rough with many of foreclosure because some have a bargain price after becoming the property of the bank. However, some are in need of such extensive repairs that they are just not worth the bargain.

An agent can save you time from looking at the “lemons.” Negotiating. Finding a skilled agent with a good reputation is key. Agents are taught to be great negotiators and you WILL NEED HELP negotiating. They should negotiate from start to finish on each and every detail. You need a price that you can profit off and that is profitable for the other side as well. If you go it alone without an agent, the bidding war gloves are off.

Prime real estate in Austin gets tons of bids and if you want the best chance of winning that war an agent is your best bet. Quicker than internet listings. Agents know inside information before it comes. For example, there may be a property that will go on the market in six months, around the time you wanted to move. However, there are other potential home buyers that are already putting in bids for the property.

The internet doesn’t have this dream listing up and you are already behind. The listing may have been gone before it was official listed. When you have an agent, you don’t miss out on that beautiful property in downtown Austin that many don’t know is soon to be listed.

Closing costs are kept down.

An agent knows what a particular property is worth and what a property’s closing cost should be. They can also let you in on the type of insurance you should get and the type you should avoid. You can research this yourself, but the Internet is full of opinions and inaccurate information.

A trained Austin professional realtor has worked in and knows lenders and markets. They also know what is currently working for current home buyers.